Carolyn Borkowski

Hi, I'm Carolyn

and I have minimal self control when
it comes to gradient use. I mean, look at this place.

But that’s a me thing, I promise I can gradient responsibly when I do design work for you. In fact, I’ve done a whole lot of design work for a whole lot of folks, ranging from teeny, brand-new non-profits with only two employees all the way to several of the world’s most powerful media companies. And they all thought I did a very good job.

I’ve been making digital things for quite some time now. I really am at my best when I get to work at the intersection of visual design and technical function. I’m in a long-term relationship with CSS (we might qualify as a domestic partnership, honestly) and I’ve physically jumped out of my chair with a fist in the air after finally solving a tough technical problem.

When I’m not busy with all that though, I really like doing miscellaneous arts and crafts, painting my nails, and hanging out with my cat, Raspberry.

Wanna be pals or perhaps... something more*? Hit me up.

*colleagues, business associates, or best friends

photo of me, carolyn borkowski
This is me (the human woman, not the bunny made of pastel cotton candy, although that's an easy mistake to make)